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“My Mask, Humanity” Get’s New Life

During my internet silence, I may not have been writing much, but I was fortunate to keep making some sales.  Instead of dumping them all into a single post, I thought I’d spread them out a little (get some mileage … Continue reading

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And It’s Out….

That didn’t take long…but they also said it wouldn’t…. The 2013 Campbellian Pre-Reading Anthology from Stupefying Stories is now available for free download.  It contains three of my stories: my Campbell-qualifying sale, “Thief of Futures” (originally published in Lightspeed Magazine), “Observations … Continue reading

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Pre-Campbell Anthology Set for Release

I signed my contract today allowing up to three of my stories to appear in a special issue of Stupefying Stories.  M. David Blake, one of Stupefying‘s editors, has put together a pre-award reader to assist Campbell Award voters.  (The John W. Campbell Award is … Continue reading

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Diabolical Plots Recommends “My Mask, Humanity”

I’ve had several of my stories reviewed over the past year.  Sometimes the reviews are decent, sometime they’re only okay.  (I’ve been fortunate that I’ve yet to receive a really scathing one.)  I don’t try to put a lot stock into them, but it … Continue reading

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Inspiration: “My Mask, Humanity”

Frequent readers of my site know I like to write a post about the inspiration for each of my published stories.  While often no single thing inspires a complete story, I can usually pinpoint one or two things that were important inspirations.  … Continue reading

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Thanks for the Kind Words

I’ve gotten used to people I don’t know critiquing my stories.  It’s happened numerous times now with several of my stories.  Usually I’ll stumble across the review—sometimes they have nice things to say, and other times it seems like they … Continue reading

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“My Mask, Humanity” Will Mail Soon

If you want to get a copy of my story “My Mask, Humanity” before most of the rest of the world sees it, you have a little time left to subscribe to Daily Science Fiction.  If you don’t subscribe in … Continue reading

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A Quick Update

Wow!  It’s been almost a week since I last posted here.  I usually try to write something every two-to-three days, but this last week I’ve simply been unable to find the time.  The day job has kicked into a higher … Continue reading

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“My Mask, Human” Set for End of September

It looks like Daily Science Fiction will publish my story, “My Mask, Humanity,” on September 28th.  I say “looks like” because the news didn’t come via the folks at DSF, but through SF Signal, a reputable science fiction website.  The … Continue reading

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Writer of the Now

I’m a big supporter of the Writers of the Future contest (regardless of my thoughts about L. Ron Hubbard) as a venue for aspiring writers.  For those not familiar with it, Writers of the Future is the largest and (arguably) the … Continue reading

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