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A Great Find and Some Writing News

So it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve posted anything.  I managed to get unstuck in the snow and catch my flight to warmer climes for the day job.  Whenever I travel for work, things get exceptionally busy—I have to … Continue reading

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Stuck in the Snow

So all that beautiful snow that’s been falling the last few days, finally caught up with me.  We wound up with a knee-deep “dusting” that I needed to shovel off the driveway.  Man, are my shoulders sore. Today I was … Continue reading

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Coming Home to Autumn

I spent last week on the road attending a science conference in Madison, Wisconsin as part of my day job.  Madison is a beautiful city with huge stone edifices for building and a green ethic that is visible on every street corner—recycle … Continue reading

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Traveling, Writing, Traveling

I’m on the road again; this time with the family.  It’s a short trip—only a few days—and we’re traveling through the Willamette Valley of Oregon visiting friends and just generally looking around.  It’s a beautiful place. I’ve been writing, too—more … Continue reading

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Digging Out

I enjoy traveling to remote and interesting place—it’s one of the reasons I went into the line of work I did for my day job—but I also really enjoy coming home…except for the pile of things that always continues to … Continue reading

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Returning Home to Some Toasted Cake

I made it back from my Palmyra adventure in one piece.  I’m a little tanner and lot tired, but it was a good trip.  I got a lot of science done, but equally important, I got a lot writing accomplished, too.  I … Continue reading

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Writing in the Swarm

I tend to squeeze my writing into the mornings, often before the sun come up.  This is especially true when the day job takes me traveling because the days are busy and tiring, and writing in the evening is generally … Continue reading

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Doubling Up

It’s been quiet around here recently because I’m still down in Palmyra and my time to write is limited.  With the limited time I do have, I’ve been focusing on writing stories rather than posting here, which is actually a … Continue reading

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Writing on the Run

My day job occasionally takes me to interesting places.  Most of these places are remote islands in the Pacific Ocean.  Currently I’m on Palmyra, a small atoll about 1000 miles south of the Hawaiian Islands.  It’s isolated by its distance … Continue reading

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Tell Me Again, When Did I Get Back?

Even though I got home from a three-week vacation late last week, I’m still on vacation…mentally, at least.  Generally I’m able to reintegrate myself back into my day-to-day life fairly quickly, but I’m finding it difficult this time.  I’m not sure why, … Continue reading

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