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“Carbon Zero” — Lightspeed Magazine

“Manu Dei” — The Devil Take You: Tales of Medieval Horror

Tiger in a Cage (Calypto Cycle: Book Five)

Published: Novels

Messages from the Sand (Calypto Cycle: Book Four) — (ebook/paperback: buy)

Threads Unravel (Calypto Cycle: Book Three) — (ebook/paperback: buy)

Shackles of Doubt (Calypto Cycle: Book Two) — (ebook/paperback: buy)

Fire in the Snow (Calypto Cycle: Book One) — (ebook/paperback: buy)

Published: Short Stories

“The Illusory Truth of Magical Mike’s Page Six” — Etherea Magazine, January 2023 (buy)

Gift for the Cutter Man” — Apex Magazine, Spetember 2021 (read)

“Mementos from My Lives (Un)Lived” — Nature: Futures, June 2, 2021 (read)
Mementos from My Lives (Un)Lived” — Manawaker FFP (podcast), May 2023 (listen)
         • Author Notes

The Memory Plague” — Lightspeed Magazine, January 2021 (read)
Author Spotlight by Elan Samuel (read)
         • Author Notes

“Now and Forever” — What the #@&% Is That?,  November 2016  (buy)

“From the Darkness Beneath” — Space and Time #124, Fall 2015 (buy)
         • Author Notes

“Servant of the Sea” — Coven, September 2015 (buy)

“Last Night at the Café Renaissance” — InterGalactic Medicine Show, July 2015 (buy)
         • Author Notes

“Sinking Holes” — Perihelion, April 2015 (read)
         • Author Notes

“Comes the Piper” — Plasma Frequency, April 2014 (buy)
         • Author Notes

“Wheat King” — Every Day Fiction, March 2014 (read)
         • Author Notes

“Forget the Rain” — Kasma SF, January 2014 (read)
         • Author Notes

“The Octopus Garden” — Suction Cup Dreams, November 2013 (buy)
         • Author Notes
         • Author Interview (read)

“The Schrödinger War” — Lightspeed Magazine, September 2013 (read, buy)
“The Schrödinger War” Starship Sofa (podcast), February 2014 (listen)
“The Schrödinger War” Algernon (Estonian translation), October 2014 (read)
“The Schrödinger War” — Catarsi (Catalan translation), June 2015
“The Schrödinger War” — Spawn of War and Deathiness, November 2021 (buy)
“The Schrödinger War” — War Torn Anthology, Janauary 2022 (buy)
         • Author Spotlight by Amber Barkley (read)
Author Notes

“Portraits from the Shadow” — InterGalactic Medicine Show, August 2013 (buy)
Portraits from the Shadow” — In the Trenches , July 2015 (buy)
Portraits from the Shadow” — Alternative War Anthology, July 2021 (buy)
         • Author Notes

“The Negotiation”Daily Science Fiction, July 2013 (read)
The Negotiation — Szortal (Polish Translation), March 2015 (read)
         • Author Notes

“Dreams in Dust” — Lightspeed Magazine, December 2012 (read, buy)
“Dreams in Dust”Lightspeed Magazine (podcast), December 2012 (listen)
“Dreams in Dust”Wastelands 2, February 2015 (buy)
          • Author Spotlight by Kevin McNeil (read)
          • Author Notes

“The Beauty of Wynona”Lacuna, October 2012 (read)
         • Author Notes

“My Mask, Humanity”Daily Science Fiction, September 2012 (read)
“My Mask, Humanity” — Campbellian Pre-Reading Anthology, February 2013 (read)
“My Mask, Humanity” — The New Accelerator, February 2015 (buy)
“My Mask, Humanity” — War Pawns Anthology, Janauary 2022 (buy)
         • Author Notes

“The Last Horse” — Aoife’s Kiss, September 2012 (buy)
         • Author Notes

“Hoodoo” — Specutopia, July/August 2012 (buy)
“Hoodoo”Kasma SF, November 2014 (read)
         • Author Notes

“No Better Yesterday for Tomorrow” — Mystic Signals, June 2012  (buy)
         • Author Notes

“Strand in the Web” — Goldfish Grimm’s Spicy Fiction Sushi, June 2012  (read)
          • Author Interview (read)
         • Author Notes

“Time Debt” — Electric Spec, May 2012  (read)
         • Author Notes

“Do Not Go Gentle into the Night” — Darker, April 2012 (read)
         • Author Notes

“Wings Over the Suicide Rocks” — 10Flash Quarterly, April 2012
         • Author Notes

“Observations on a Clock” — Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, February 2012
“Observations on a Clock” — Campbellian Pre-Reading Anthology , February 2013(read)
         • Author Notes
          • Interview by Michael Haynes (read)

“The Sea Shall Have Them” — Liquid Imagination, February 2012 (read)
“The Sea Shall Have Them”Liquid Imagination (podcast), February 2012 (listen)
          • Author Notes

“Requiem for Shiva” — The Future Fire,February 2012 (read)
          • Author Notes

“Still Life Through Water Droplets” — Daily Science Fiction, January 2012 (read)
“Still Life Through Water Droplets”Toasted Cake (podcast), February 2013 (listen)
          • Author Notes

“Clownspace” — 10Flash Quarterly, January 2012
“Clownspace” — Toasted Cake (podcast), August 2012 (listen)
          • Author Notes

“Thief of Futures” — Lightspeed Magazine, September 2011 (read)
“Thief of Futures” — Beam Me Up! (podcast), December 2011 (part 1, part 2, part 3)
“Thief of Futures” — Campbellian Pre-Reading Anthology , February 2013 (read)
“Thief of Futures” — Nova Fantasia (Galician translation), October 2014 (read)                    “Thief of Futures” — Catarsi (Catalan translation), April 2017
          • Author Spotlight by Robyn Lupo (read)
          • Author Notes

“The Fine Art of Surfacing” — OG’s Speculative Fiction, May 2010 (read)
          • Author Notes

“Transmigration of Herakles Duncan” — Kasma Magazine, December 2009 (read)

“Memories of Childhood” — OG’s Speculative Fiction, November 2009 (read)
“Memories of Childhood”Nil Desperandum (podcast), August 2011 (listen)
          • Author Notes

“Two Drawers Down from the Butchers Block” — Postcards from the Woody End, May 2008

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