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Mementos from My Lives (Un)Lived” — Nature: Futures, June 2, 2021 (read)
         • Author Notes

The Memory Plague” — Lightspeed Magazine, January 2021 (read)
         • Author Notes

Messages from the Sand (Calypto Cycle: Book Four) — (ebook/paperback: buy)

Threads Unravel (Calypto Cycle: Book Three) — (ebook/paperback: buy)

Shackles of Doubt (Calypto Cycle: Book Two) — (ebook/paperback: buy)

Fire in the Snow (Calypto Cycle: Book One) — (ebook/paperback: buy)

“Now and Forever” — What the #@&% Is That?,  November 2016  (buy)

“From the Darkness Beneath” — Space and Time #124, Fall 2015 (buy)
         • Author Notes

“Servant of the Sea” — Coven, September 2015 (buy)

“Last Night at the Café Renaissance” — InterGalactic Medicine Show, July 2015 (buy)
         • Author Notes

“Sinking Holes” — Perihelion, April 2015 (read)
         • Author Notes

“Comes the Piper” — Plasma Frequency, April 2014 (buy)
         • Author Notes

“Wheat King” — Every Day Fiction, March 2014 (read)
         • Author Notes

“Forget the Rain” — Kasma SF, January 2014 (read)
         • Author Notes

“The Octopus Garden” — Suction Cup Dreams, November 2013 (buy)
         • Author Notes
         • Author Interview (read)

“The Schrödinger War” — Lightspeed Magazine, September 2013 (read, buy)
“The Schrödinger War” Starship Sofa (podcast), February 2014 (listen)
“The Schrödinger War” Algernon (Estonian translation), October 2014 (read)
“The Schrödinger War” Catarsi (Catalan translation), June 2015
         • Author Spotlight by Amber Barkley (read)
Author Notes

“Portraits from the Shadow” — InterGalactic Medicine Show, August 2013 (buy)
Portraits from the Shadow” — In the Trenches , July 2015 (buy)
         • Author Notes

“The Negotiation”Daily Science Fiction, July 2013 (read)
The Negotiation — Szortal (Polish Translation), March 2015 (read)
         • Author Notes

“Dreams in Dust” — Lightspeed Magazine, December 2012 (read, buy)
“Dreams in Dust”Lightspeed Magazine (podcast), December 2012 (listen)
“Dreams in Dust”Wastelands 2, February 2015 (buy)
          • Author Spotlight by Kevin McNeil (read)
          • Author Notes

“The Beauty of Wynona”Lacuna, October 2012 (read)
         • Author Notes

“My Mask, Humanity”Daily Science Fiction, September 2012 (read)
“My Mask, Humanity” — Campbellian Pre-Reading Anthology, February 2013 (read)
“My Mask, Humanity” — The New Accelerator, February 2015 (buy)
         • Author Notes

“The Last Horse” — Aoife’s Kiss, September 2012 (buy)
         • Author Notes

“Hoodoo” — Specutopia, July/August 2012 (buy)
“Hoodoo”Kasma SF, November 2014 (read)
         • Author Notes

“No Better Yesterday for Tomorrow” — Mystic Signals, June 2012  (buy)
         • Author Notes

“Strand in the Web” — Goldfish Grimm’s Spicy Fiction Sushi, June 2012  (read)
          • Author Interview (read)
         • Author Notes

“Time Debt” — Electric Spec, May 2012  (read)
         • Author Notes

“Do Not Go Gentle into the Night” — Darker, April 2012 (read)
         • Author Notes

“Wings Over the Suicide Rocks” — 10Flash Quarterly, April 2012
         • Author Notes

“Observations on a Clock” — Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, February 2012
“Observations on a Clock” — Campbellian Pre-Reading Anthology , February 2013(read)
         • Author Notes
          • Interview by Michael Haynes (read)

“The Sea Shall Have Them” — Liquid Imagination, February 2012 (read)
“The Sea Shall Have Them”Liquid Imagination (podcast), February 2012 (listen)
          • Author Notes

“Requiem for Shiva” — The Future Fire,February 2012 (read)
          • Author Notes

“Still Life Through Water Droplets” — Daily Science Fiction, January 2012 (read)
“Still Life Through Water Droplets”Toasted Cake (podcast), February 2013 (listen)
          • Author Notes

“Clownspace” — 10Flash Quarterly, January 2012
“Clownspace” — Toasted Cake (podcast), August 2012 (listen)
          • Author Notes

“Thief of Futures” — Lightspeed Magazine, September 2011 (read)
“Thief of Futures” — Beam Me Up! (podcast), December 2011 (part 1, part 2, part 3)
“Thief of Futures” — Campbellian Pre-Reading Anthology , February 2013 (read)
“Thief of Futures” — Nova Fantasia (Galician translation), October 2014 (read)                    “Thief of Futures” — Catarsi (Catalan translation), April 2017
          • Author Spotlight by Robyn Lupo (read)
          • Author Notes

“The Fine Art of Surfacing” — OG’s Speculative Fiction, May 2010 (read)
          • Author Notes

“Transmigration of Herakles Duncan” — Kasma Magazine, December 2009 (read)

“Memories of Childhood” — OG’s Speculative Fiction, November 2009 (read)
“Memories of Childhood”Nil Desperandum (podcast), August 2011 (listen)
          • Author Notes

“Two Drawers Down from the Butchers Block” — Postcards from the Woody End, May 2008


“Gift for the Cutter Man” — Apex Magazine, forthcoming

“Thief of Futures” — Spin, forthcoming (Finnish translation)

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