Page Proofs and a Publication Date

Some publications have fast turnaround times, going from acceptance to print in an eyeblink. This tends to be the smaller and/or semi-pro publications, not the larger, pro-level magazines and certainly not the ones that are primarily print publications, like Asimov’s. So, I was pleasantly surprised when Nature: Futures sent me page proofs last week for my story “Mementoes from My Lives (Un)Lived,” and told me it would appear in the June 2nd issue of the journal. From acceptance to publication: less than one month.

I’ve already sent back the proofs (a few, very minor corrections), and I’m excited to see this story go free into the world. I don’t write a lot of flash fiction, but Mementoes is one of my favorites. I suspect most of you don’t routinely read Nature, it being a hardcore science journal, but if you have a chance to check out my story in a few days, I hope you enjoy it.

About D. Thomas Minton

Writer of speculative fiction
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