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Messages from the Sand - D. Thomas MintonMessages from the Sand (The Calypto Cycle: Book Four)
November 2019

Acting on a tip from a friend, Calypto infiltrates a remote archaeological dig to uncover the enigmatic artifacts of an ancient Turk mathematician and seer. He quickly learns he is caught in a desperate race against enemy agents, deadly insurgents, and even his own countrymen to unlock the cryptic secrets buried in the sand. Calypto knows with one false move, everything will be lost, but what he uncovers could cost him even more.


Threads Unravel - D. Thomas MintonThreads Unravel (The Calypto Cycle: Book Three)
July 2018

Following a mission that went sour, Calypto tries to disappear, but no matter how far he runs, he cannot escape his past. With his world quickly unraveling around him, Calypto must return to Aurestapol to find the answers he desperately needs to stay alive. But the city he once called home now crawls with Red Cuffs, Silver Tiger assassins, and others he once trusted, but who now want him dead. He will need more than his skills and his Talent to succeed—he will need allies who won’t betray him, and more luck than he ever imagined.


Shackles of Doubt ebook - D. Thomas MintonShackles of Doubt (The Calypto Cycle: Book Two)
November 2017

When his mission to catch a traitor takes an unexpected turn, Calypto finds himself in a secret jail and at the mercy of a sadistic tormentor who wants him to confess to a crime he did not commit. Nearing his breaking point, and with his loyalty to his homeland wavering, Calypto suspects there is more to his incarceration than he previously imagined. The only way to stay alive and learn the truth is to escape, but escape might be exactly what his captors want him to do.


Fire in the Snow (The Calypto Cycle: Book One)
February 2017

Calypto’s mission leads him to the empire’s far east to retrieve a naïve recruit with a powerful Talent of her own. His routine assignment, however, takes a deadly turn when he uncovers a group of insurgents who will do anything to stop him. Pursued across the frigid countryside by ruthless killers, Calypto soon learns they may want more than to see him fail, and even his Talent may not be enough to keep him and his headstrong charge alive.


“Now and Forever”
What the #@&% is That?, November 2016

A lost colony ship in the dark of space.  One man desperate to protect his family.  The bodies pile up.  What the #@&% was that?



The Latest News

Nov 15: Messages from the Sand is available from online retailers

Nov 12: Manuscript for Tiger Unbound (Calypto Cycle Book 5), is almost done!

Nov 1: Messages from the Sand ebook released for pre-sale

Oct 31: Release date for Messages from the Sand set for November 15