Recently Published

space-and-time-magazine-issue-124-cover“From the Darkness Beneath”
Space and Time, Fall 2015

Yim, along with a genetically engineered a Pan sapien, are the sole caretakers of an deep sea mining facility. Then a mysterious visitor appears and threatens to destroy everything Yim thought he knew.




Coven“Servant of the Sea”
Coven, September 2015

Anak must atone for his past if he is to save his family and village from an evil that rises from the depths.






The Latest News

Dec 30: “Last Night at the Café Renaissance” selected to Tangent’s Recommended Reading List for 2015.

Sept 18: “Now and Forever” will appear in the forthcoming anthology What The #@&% Is That?

Oct 2: “From the Darkness Beneath” is published in Space and Time #124