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Do We Really Get What We’re Reading?

While e-books have yet to replace print books in terms of sales (and incidentally, growth in sales seems to have slowed in recent years), they are a fixture in the marketplace and not going anywhere.  Some people love them and some … Continue reading

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Amazon: Only the End of the Funnel?

Over the past few months, I’ve been following some of the research on how people find and buy books (see here and here and here, if interested).  All this research is interesting from the social science perspective, but it’s also … Continue reading

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Rumors of More Mergers

Publishing industry experts were saying that the merger of big six publishers Penguin and Random House in October was likely the first of several.  It looks like they may have been correct.  News Corp., the owner of publishing giant Harper Collins … Continue reading

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“Big 6” Now “Bigger 5”

On Monday, Penguin Books and Random House, two of the Big 6 publishers, announced they were merging in order to better compete in the global marketplace.  The new company, to be called Penguin Random House, will become the largest book publishing … Continue reading

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Ebook Sales Soaring in 2012

It’s not new news that ebook sales are growing faster than sales of traditional paper book.  Yet for the first time, ebook sales have exceeded hardcover sales; first quarter (2012) ebook sales were $282 million compared to $230 million for hardcover … Continue reading

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Considerations Before Venturing into the Self-Publishing Jungle

As the number of stories I publish increases, I’m beginning to think about ways to further market them.  Traditionally, authors either sold them as reprints to other publications (e.g., anthologies) or collected into a single volume and sold them to a … Continue reading

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NPR’s Top 100 SF&F Books

Probably everyone on the planet has seen this already—or at least that’s the way it usually works for me—but in August NPR announced the results of its reader poll to name the Top 100 science fiction and fantasy books.  I’m a … Continue reading

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Who Gets Screwed by the Borders Bankruptcy?

Over the past month, I’ve been watching the discounts climb at our local, on-its-way-out-of-business Borders bookstore.  Recently I’ve picked up several novels by authors I’ve been meaning to read but have never seemed to get around to reading, like Charles … Continue reading

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Are the Long Hunts Over?

I’ve spent a lot of time prowling second-hand bookshops looking for elusive, out-of-print titles.  I’ve found some of my favorite books that way.  I still remember my excitement at finding Moorcock’s Behold the Man, Brunner’s Stand on Zanzibar, and Zelazny’s … Continue reading

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Hit with a Brick and Mortar

I remember hearing several months ago that Borders, the second largest bookseller in the US, had filed for bankruptcy, but for some reason it never really sank in.  Until today, that is, when I happened to cut through Borders on my way … Continue reading

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