A Quick Update

Wow!  It’s been almost a week since I last posted here.  I usually try to write something every two-to-three days, but this last week I’ve simply been unable to find the time.  The day job has kicked into a higher gear over the last month (50-60 hour weeks), and I barely have time to write anything.  With what writing time I do have, I’ve focused on getting some backlogged stories finished.

I do have a quick piece of news.  I received the proof for my story “My Mask, Humanity,” which is set to email from Daily Science Fiction on Friday.  If you want to receive it, you’ll need to subscribe to DSF.  It’s free, and every weekday they’ll deliver a speculative fiction story to your inbox.  It’s a great way to start the day, so I recommend you give it try…no later than this Thursday, of course.  Alternatively you can wait a week (October 5th) and read my story when it’s posted on their website.  Either way, I hope you don’t miss.

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3 Responses to A Quick Update

  1. E. A. Hughes says:

    Brilliant. Just signed up for the e-shot. Thanks for the link!

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