Pre-Campbell Anthology Set for Release

I signed my contract today allowing up to three of my stories to appear in a special issue of Stupefying StoriesM. David Blake, one of Stupefying‘s editors, has put together a pre-award reader to assist Campbell Award voters.  (The John W. Campbell Award is presented to the “best” new writer of speculative fiction.)  The anthology will contain the Campbell Award-qualifying stories of eligible authors and up to two addition stories.  I know that “Thief of Futures” will be in the volume, and one or both of “Observations on a Clock” and “My Mask, Humanity” will also appear.  While not every Campbell-eligible writer has chosen to take part (or perhaps hasn’t heard about the effort), I’ve heard the volume is huge—over 300,000 words—and contains many, many new writers.  It’s sure to contain a lot great stories, and it will available for free, so don’t miss it.

While I don’t know the actually release date, I’ve been told it’s immanent: as soon as all of the contracts are returned to Mr. Blake.  So keep an eye out for it at Stupefying Stories, or keep visiting my site, and I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

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