Thanks for the Kind Words

I’ve gotten used to people I don’t know critiquing my stories.  It’s happened numerous times now with several of my stories.  Usually I’ll stumble across the review—sometimes they have nice things to say, and other times it seems like they didn’t even read my story.  These reviews are impersonal, and if I hadn’t stumbled across them (or gotten a Google alert), I would never have known they existed.

With “My Mask, Humanity” something a little different has happened.  I’ve gotten some wonderfully complimentary emails from readers (not to mention some nice comments on an earlier post).  One reader even reviewed my story on his website, and said it was a story he “won’t soon forget.”  Wow.  I’m happy just to get a story out there that doesn’t entirely suck, so it’s especially gratifying to hear that a reader really enjoyed something I wrote. 

So to all of you who dropped me an email, or left me comment on my site, or clicked that you liked my story on the Daily Science Fiction Facebook page, or posted a review, thank you for the kind words.  They are appreciated.

About D. Thomas Minton

Writer of speculative fiction
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