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Writing Update: Collaboration on the Clock

I thought I’d provide a quick writing update to set the stage for some future posts I want to make. A few months ago, I finished revising the manuscript for Tiger Unbound, Book Five of the Calytpo Cycle. At this … Continue reading

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What Have I Learned from My “Calypto” Experience

A few years ago, I decided to write a series of books called The Calypto Cycle that I intended to self-publish. I decided to go the self-publish, or indie, route for a few reasons. First, and likely most importantly, I … Continue reading

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How’s that Book Coming?

I have some book updates: I received the next iteration of the cover art from artist Hans Binder Knott, and it’s really starting to come together.  At this point the basic composition is complete, and Hans is filling in the … Continue reading

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Covering My Book: I Get the Concept Art

A few weeks ago I hired artist Hans Binder Knott to illustrate the cover of the first book in a series I intend to indie publish later this year (tentative series name: The Calypto Cycle).  Last week he sent the first set of concept drawings.  … Continue reading

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Gone But Not Idle

I only posted one update over the past couple of weeks because I was visiting family, and for at least a week of that time, I didn’t have an internet connection.  Some people might find no internet liberating, but I’m … Continue reading

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In Which I Find an Artist

I’ve mentioned several times that I’ve been working on a novella series that I intend to self-publish. It’s called the Calypto Cycle, and is part noir spy thriller, part superhero, and part mystery set in an alternate 1920s eastern Europe.  … Continue reading

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