“My Mask, Humanity” Get’s New Life

During my internet silence, I may not have been writing much, but I was fortunate to keep making some sales.  Instead of dumping them all into a single post, I thought I’d spread them out a little (get some mileage out them, you know).  So in no particular order. . . .

One of my favorite stories, with perhaps one of my all-time favorite scenes I’ve ever written, will be getting a second life.  The New Accelerator has picked up the reprint rights for “My Mask, Humanity,” and–well look at that!–it appears in the current issue.  This story originally appeared in Daily Science Fiction several years ago, and picked up at least one “recommended” review from the folks over at Diabolical Plots.

Even though this is a fairly dark, high-tech science fiction story, it was a blast to write.  I hope it’s as much fun to read.

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