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Walden Planet and Other Stories

When my writing group, Hopefull Monsters, disbanded last year, I wondered how many of the members might be done with writing.  I suspected a few might be (only time will tell if I’m right), but I knew Richard Zwicker wasn’t.  Rich was probably … Continue reading

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Proofs! Page, That Is.

While I was traveling last week, I received page proofs for the What the #@&% Is That? anthology which will contain my story “Now and Forever.”  It’s always exciting to get page proofs, because it’s the first concrete evidence that … Continue reading

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How’s that Book Coming?

I have some book updates: I received the next iteration of the cover art from artist Hans Binder Knott, and it’s really starting to come together.  At this point the basic composition is complete, and Hans is filling in the … Continue reading

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Editors Should Be Your Writing Ally

An editor should be your ally in writing, not your adversary. We’ve all heard stories of nightmare editors–folks who make substantial change without consulting writers (then say they were only minor tweaks), not being communicative, not upholding contractual obligations (of … Continue reading

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Do We Really Get What We’re Reading?

While e-books have yet to replace print books in terms of sales (and incidentally, growth in sales seems to have slowed in recent years), they are a fixture in the marketplace and not going anywhere.  Some people love them and some … Continue reading

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Quarterreads Is Something Different

Have you ever noticed that most short fiction publications are variations on a narrow approach, especially if they are a revenue generating magazine?  Most are simply extensions of the traditional publication model: a group of stories are assembled by an editor and sold as … Continue reading

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Is Exposure Worth Giving Away Your Rights?

As a writer who wishes to one day make a living off his stories, I’ve made the conscious decision not to give away the rights on my work.  The rights to a story are what give them economic value—they’re worth … Continue reading

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Wastelands II Anthology Delayed

The more I publish, the more I learn about the business.  Earlier this year, my story “Dreams in Dust” was accepted as a reprint for an anthology called Wastelands II, originally to be released by Nightshade Books last July.  Nightshade … Continue reading

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Angry Robot Opens the Door

Do you have a manuscript for a science fiction novel ready to submit? If so, you should know that respected small press Angry Robot has opened the door to un-agented and unsolicited manuscripts until the end of the year.  Angry Robot … Continue reading

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Expecting $$$ for a Story is not Improper

A recent article in The Guardian about a debate sparked by an author who declined to write an introduction for free caught my attention.  Philip Hensher, an acclaimed British author, was called “priggish and ungracious” by a Cambridge professor for refusing to write an … Continue reading

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