“My Mask, Human” Set for End of September

It looks like Daily Science Fiction will publish my story, “My Mask, Humanity,” on September 28th.  I say “looks like” because the news didn’t come via the folks at DSF, but through SF Signal, a reputable science fiction website.  The line-up posted by SF Signal looks like the line-up published monthly by DSF, so I suspect it’s correct, even if it’s unclear why SF Signal would have the line-up before it appears on the DSF website.

When DSF bought “My Mask, Humanity” last spring, they warned me it would take a while to get into the rotation.  It’s actually gotten there faster than I expected.  I must confess, however, I was secretly hoping DSF wouldn’t publish it until after October 1 because its publication officially disqualifies me from entering the Writers of the Future contest.  A post-October 1 publishing date would have allowed me to squeeze one more entry into the contest.  I guess this means I’ll have to stop goofing around and win the contest sooner rather than later.

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Writer of speculative fiction
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