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European Tour Continues for “The Schrödinger War”

My short story, “The Schrödinger War,” continues its European tour, this time making a stop at Catarsi.  The Catalan publication has accept and translated it for their spring 2014 issue, due out sometime around April.  As always, I’m excited whenever one … Continue reading

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“The Schrödinger War” Nabs Another Recognition

“The Schrödinger War” has been good to me.  It was originally published in Lightspeed Magazine in September 2013, podcasted by Starship Sofa in 2014, and translated into Estonian this past month.  It received good reviews from both Locus (and the always-difficult-to-please … Continue reading

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Going International

In the span of about ten days in October (yeah, this is more recent news) I officially became an international author when translations of two of my stories were published. At the beginning of the month, Nova Fantasia published “Ladrón de … Continue reading

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Late to the Hugo Award Party

I may have been away from the writing world for the past few months, but that doesn’t mean the writing world stopped.  The Hugo Awards were announced in August at Loncon 3.  The Hugo Awards have always been one of my favorites. … Continue reading

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“The Schrödinger War” Gets Some Recognition

If you’ve spent anytime reading science fiction, you’ve probably heard of Gardner Dozois.  He edited Asimov’s Science Fiction for many years (before giving way to current editor Sheila Williams), writes reviews for Locus, and puts out a little book every year … Continue reading

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Starship Sofa Welcomes “The Schrödinger War”

I got word late last night that the podcast of my story “The Schrödinger War” was going live at Starship Sofa.  I haven’t had a chance to hear what narrator Josh Roseman has done with it—and I’m always a little … Continue reading

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Tangent Recommends Two of My Stories for 2013

Every January Tangent releases its recommended reading list for the previous year.  Tangent is one of the two major science fiction review publications (the other is Locus), so a lot of people see its reviews and its recommendations.  Last year, … Continue reading

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“The Schrödinger War” to Kick Back on the Starship Sofa

I received a surprising email last week from an editor at Starship Sofa asking if the audio rights to my story “The Schrödinger War” were available.  For those not familiar, Starship Sofa is the Hugo Award winning podcast that has featured … Continue reading

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Galen Dara Gets Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist

I mentioned the Hugo Award winners for fiction a few days ago, but I missed noticing that Galen Dara won a Hugo as Best Fan Artist.  I first encounter Ms. Dara’s work in the Dagan Books’ Cthulhurotica anthology.  The cover for that … Continue reading

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Inspiration: “The Schrödinger War”

“The Schrödinger War….”  This was a hard story to write, probably one of the hardest I’ve ever written for a variety of reasons.  It took me a year to get this one right.  Not all at once; I would periodically pick … Continue reading

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