Editors Should Be Your Writing Ally

An editor should be your ally in writing, not your adversary.

We’ve all heard stories of nightmare editors–folks who make substantial change without consulting writers (then say they were only minor tweaks), not being communicative, not upholding contractual obligations (of which payment is only one), taking a my-way-or-the-highway approach.

I’ve been fortunate to never encounter such an editor in my publishing career.  Every editor I’ve worked with has been professional and pleasant.  Some have certainly been better than others, but none have been what I would remotely call a bad experience.  Now that I’ve made it sound like I’m about to delve off into a rant about a recent bad editorial experience. . . .

I just finished a great back and forth discussion with Sam Bellotto, the editor of Perihelion, about my story “Sinking Holes.”  He had some great suggestions, wasn’t afraid to keep pushing, but was always respectful and supportive.  The perfect interaction, in my opinion, between writer and editor, and my story is much stronger for it.  I’d work with him again in an instant.

Mr. Bellotto also gave me the great news that my story has been moved up to the April issue of Perihelion, so look for “Sinking Holes” on April 12th.

About D. Thomas Minton

Writer of speculative fiction
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1 Response to Editors Should Be Your Writing Ally

  1. ericjbaker says:

    I’ve worked on both sides, as the writer and as the editor, and I believe communication is the key. Never be afraid to ask your editor about her editing philosophy. If she doesn’t have one, keep looking.

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