Proofs! Page, That Is.

What-the-Is-That-rev-final-cover-678x1024While I was traveling last week, I received page proofs for the What the #@&% Is That? anthology which will contain my story “Now and Forever.”  It’s always exciting to get page proofs, because it’s the first concrete evidence that one of my stories is actually going to see print.  It’s extra exciting when the publisher sends proofs for the entire book, like they did this time.  Proofs of the whole book give me a sneak peek at the other stories, and I get to see where my piece sits in the larger work—this time my little piece of fiction is nestled between stories from the incredible John Langan and equally amazing Seanan McGuire, which are certainly nice (and admittedly intimidating) neighbors.

I’m quite excited about this anthology because it’s got a table of contents ful of heavy hitters in the horror and speculative fiction field: the aforementioned John Langan and Seanan McGuire, Laird Barron, Alan Dean Foster, Gemma Files, Maria Dahvana Headley, Tim Pratt, An Owomoyela and many others.  So you can bet it’ll be chock full of amazing, all-original horror stories.  A real can’t miss, as far as I can see, so get your pre-orders placed today if you haven’t already done so.

What the #@&% Is That? is scheduled for release from Simon and Schuster in August 2016.

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