Milestone for an Ex-Monster

I was in a writing group called the Hopefull Monsters for many years, but sadly we disbanded last year.  While in the group, I made several pretty good internet friends (I’ve never met any of them in person, but would like to at some point) and had a chance to learn from a lot from some very good writers.  With confidence, I can say I wouldn’t have accomplished half of what I have as a writer without their help.

The writing group may be no more, but I’ve managed to stay in touch with several ex-Monsters.  Some have gone on to publish short stories and books (more on that in my next post), some appear to have left writing all together (best I can tell, that is), and one went on to edit and produce his own podcast.

Last year, ex-Monster J. S. Arquin started  The Overcast as a way to sate his inner performer (he’s also an “outer” performer: actor, musician, stiltwalker) and his love of speculative fiction.  Last week, The Overcast celebrated its one year birthday, a big milestone in the tough publishing industry.  While I haven’t heard every episode of The Overcast, I’ve heard enough to say that this does not surprised me.  J. S. does a wonderful job picking and reading the stories, and he has featured some great writers, both from the U.S. Pacific Northwest (the podcast’s focal area) and elsewhere around the world.

So a big congratulations to J. S. and everyone else who has helped out with The Overcast.  The next time I’m in Portland, I owe you a celebratory beer.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to The Overcast, head over and check out the latest episode, featuring Cat Rambo’s story, “Villa Encantada.”

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