Out of the Rough?

I feel a little like an absentee parent around here.  I’ve been neglecting my tiny patch of digital space, but I’ve had a good reason.  Really, I do.  If you’ve been following my infrequent updates this year, you know I’ve been in a bit of a dry spot with my writing.  Since finishing the first draft of a novella in February, I didn’t make progress on much of anything.  No revisions, no new stories, I wasn’t even keeping up with submissions very well.

I’d be lying if I said this dry patch didn’t concern me.  It did, and I think that actually made it harder to work my way out of it.  I wasn’t writer blocked.  I certainly had a lot of story ideas, I simply wasn’t getting it done.  Finally, I got sufficiently tired of that, and put away all of the things that could (and were) allowing me to be distracted.  I forced myself to slog through a story revision to the completion, which happened about ten days ago.

Inspired by that success, I decided to write a flash story and five days later, I submitted the final manuscript to–well, let’s just say it’s out there where it should be in a slush pile.  I finished another revision yesterday, and that story is also now out in the cruel world looking for acceptance (but likely to find rejection, at least for a while).  Today, I’m turning my attention to another story revision, a “horror” short story with a twisty ending that needs work, and I have another flash story idea queued up to write as soon as the revision is done (or maybe earlier, if the right inspiration comes).  Oh, and I refreshed submissions; the rejected stories sitting around collecting dust are back out hunting for homes.

This all feels great, even if I still have the nagging feeling that I’m not all the way back on track again.  Finding the way out of a rough patch is always tough, especially in a field where rejection is the norm and success the exception.  Maybe after I finish the next revision I’ll shake those final concerns and really get rolling again.

Oh, and I plan to visit here more often, too, so keep your eyes open for more frequent updates.

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2 Responses to Out of the Rough?

  1. mobewan says:

    If you feel like an absentee parent, does that make us your wayward offspring?? That’s just weird.

    As you know, had my own moments, either fuelled by doubts, reality intruding or usually both. Have to say, the only way out I know is the one you’ve found. Bum in seat and crank out the words. Of course, the support of people like yourself and the cracking internet community help too. So, if I can help, just shout.

    Pleased you’re getting productive again and it sounds like you are on the upward curve. Really looking forward to reading some new stuff.

    Your dysfunctional adopted son,

    • Ha! Love your comment, and thanks for the encouragement. I agree: butt in chair is the only solution to writer’s block or any other writing rough patch. You’ve just got to believe in yourself, and write your way back into the light.

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