Celebrate Small Victories

The writing has been coming slowly for a couple of months now, so I feel good that I’ve finally finished a story today!  Sure I cranked out a first draft of a novella in January, but that draft hasn’t gotten any farther, which bothers me (I wanted to put it on the shelf for a little while, but I didn’t want it to sit this long), and even worse, I wasn’t making significant progress on anything else.  I need to do a final clean-up edit on the story I just finished, but that will take only a day or two, and then it will be out the door.

A small success, but given how my writing has been going recently, I need to celebrate these small victories.  I have always expected there to be high and low points in my production—and there have always been good and bad stretches—but the recent low has been lengthier than I would like.  I’ve been trying a few different things to break out of the rut, and it seems to have work.  I hope that finishing this first story will be the beginning of a return to a high point.

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  1. mobewan says:

    Been there. Dragged myself out of it. Then went there again. And again. Seems to be the way of life for aspiring-author-by-day/frantic-writer-by-night-or-early-morning people. This year has been easier for me (recent downer aside…) and I think its down to being publicly accountable. Sticking pledges of what I’m going to do on my blog and then updating with progress. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not letting hundreds of people down if I don’t achieve, but there is just some kind of switch it seems to have thrown that makes me get out of bed and make the time. That forces me to stop procrastinating and make the most of that valuable 15 minutes I could use to edit. That tells me to stop reading peoples blog posts and commenting.


    Seriously, if there is anything I can do to help just shout. Otherwise, suck it up man and do it! I want more of your stuff to read. 🙂

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