Schlock Talks to Me

Schlock Magazine, a pretty good small press publication, runs a monthly author interview called “Schlock Talks,” and they asked me a while ago if I’d be interested in answering a few questions.  I accepted, and they did an interview a few weeks ago that will run in their January issue (yah!).  I got to talk about my writing, my favorite characters, recurring themes, and my process of putting words on to the screen.  Fun stuff to think about and talk about, and hopefully interesting stuff to read.

If you’re not familiar with Schlock, check it out.  They run some solid fiction, and have already interviewed writers like Jeffery Ford and Angela Slatter as well as artists like Sharm Murugiah, and have forthcoming talks with Laird Barron and multi-award winner Ken Liu.  That’s some nice company to keep, and I’m looking forward to the January issue of this small publication that is showing the best of what a small press can be.

About D. Thomas Minton

Writer of speculative fiction
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