Catching Up on My Housekeeping

It’s been an unproductive December.  It pains me to write those words because overall it’s been a decent year.  Sure I’ve been traveling since December 1, but that’s a hollow excuse considering I was traveling for ten days in November and still managed to meet my NaNoWriMo writing target (which was twice that of my usual monthly target).

Since getting back this weekend, I’ve not written anything.  I’m not burned out; I have ideas.  I’ve even scratched some outlines on paper.  I’ve simply been unable to put butt in chair and make progress.  In an effort to get going today, I decided to do some writing housekeeping.  I resubmitted several stories that had come back from markets (rejected) over the past few days.  I’ve also had one story languishing on my hard drive for several weeks because I couldn’t figure out how to submit it to the market I wanted, so I spent about an hour sorting that out (I really wanted to submit it to that market, so it’s good I solved my problem—it required using a different browser; I wish I knew why).

With all that done, I decided to write this post.  Writing posts is an easy way to get the fingers and mind working.  As soon as I post this, I’m going to set the timer for thirty minutes, shut everything else off, and work on novel edits.  I’m not going to let myself off the hook, either.  Once I get started again, I know I’ll get back into the flow.  So here goes….

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Writer of speculative fiction
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