Do I Have a Title?

I originally thought the title of my novel-in-progress was going to be Deep Fire.  I had envisioned writing a science fiction thriller set on a mining station in space, but that wasn’t the novel I wound up writing.  I never bothered to change the title on the file, however, but I knew it needed to be changed.  Unfortunately, I’m terrible with titles, so I’ve been languishing under the old one.

I think I now have a new working title (or something close), and one that may just stick: The Well of Infinity.  Or maybe Infinity’s Well.  I haven’t quite decided which of the two I like better.  If you have any thoughts, I’d like to hear them.

If you’re curious about the novel itself, here’s a book jacket teaser I came up with last year (with thanks to Marc Schuster for some suggested revisions):

A man lost in time.  A survivor of a deadly plague.  A fugitive and her traumatized clonemate.  Captain Halcyon Jonah has assembled them to finish a mission that has already cost his previous crew their lives.  If they succeed, each may find personal salvation.  If they fail, their mission may destroy the galaxy.

If I can get my revisions done before the end of the calendar year, I’ll probably submit it to the open call at Angry Robot.  I’ve got a long way to go, however, so I guess I better get back at it.

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3 Responses to Do I Have a Title?

  1. ericjbaker says:

    The Well of Infinity ring’s much better in my ears than the alternate choice.

  2. mobewan says:

    Well of Infinity has a more ‘fantasy’ sound to my ears (Sorry ericjbaker…). But if I’m honest I like Deep Fire more…maybe tie it in somehow with the theme of the book (redemption I’m guessing…)? To be fair, I’m worse at titles than anything, so probably shouldn’t listen to me.

    BTW, blurb sounds cool. Got a good vibe – pinky style, but hints at depth with the characters. I’m in.

    • I’ve always liked Deep Fire, and will write a story with that title at some time. I already have the story arc in my head, I’m just haven’t figured out the conflicts, yet. I had never thought about The Well of Infinity having a fantasy feel (“infinity” as a word has always felt “science fiction “to me, but these things vary from people to people, and I appreciate your comment). Branding through title is important, especially when the title is the first thing that people see when searching for the next fantasy/science fiction/mystery/romance/etc. story to read.

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