“Thief of Futures” Goes International

Over the years, I’ve submitted off-and-on to foreign publications (in this case, by foreign I mean non-English) to see if they’d be interested in translating and publishing some of my stories.  I’ve never put more than a passing effort into it because foreign markets generally don’t pay and responses can be very slow, if at all.  There’s also that “unknown” of dealing with a market where communication might be difficult.

I’ve never had much success.  Usually I’ve never heard back from the market, but the ones who did respond were always very pleasant, and sent me personal responses (as opposed to forms), which is nice.

That changed yesterday when Nova Fantasia accepted my story “Thief of Futures,” which originally appeared in Lightspeed MagazineNova Fantasia is an online Galacian science fiction publication based in northwestern Spain.  I don’t know much about them, but they appear to be similar to sites like io9 in that they cover science fiction in all media…just in Galacian.  Their website is very slick looking.  They were also a publication recommended by Douglas Smith.  If you’re not familiar with Mr. Smith, he’s compiled and maintains a list of foreign speculative fiction publications, and he’s considered the “go to” source for information on foreign publishing.

Nova Fantasia will translate my story into Galacian and publish it on their website (they said it will take a while because of the story’s length, but didn’t give me a timeframe).  I hope they’ll do a good job; I have no choice but to trust them, however, because I don’t speak Galacian and I don’t know anyone who does.  I’m comfortable with that.  According to Wikipedia, Galacian is spoken by about 3 million people, most of who I assume would be new readers for me.  New readers are always good thing.

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2 Responses to “Thief of Futures” Goes International

  1. mobewan says:

    First up, congrats on getting the story published. Great work. But also thanks for the resource link. Theres a great first time visitor page on Mr Smiths site I’m wading through now. Looks like the rest of the world has opened up for me to get rejections from 😉 (I joke but the pain is still real ;-))

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