At Work in the Novel House

I’ve been pounding away on novel revisions for a few weeks, while at the same time still trying to get a couple of short stories out the door.  The novel revisions are coming along slowly, but progress is being made.  I passed the 10K mark on the revisions over the weekend, and that equates to about 1/9th of the way there.  That doesn’t sound like a lot of progress, but I’m pretty happy with the edits.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to pick up the pace as I get farther in.

After my initial read through, I’m a little surprise how many edits I’m making to the novel.  I haven’t made any major overhauls, but lots of little edits—paragraphs cut or entirely rewritten, adding some small “scaffolding” to support later events, and lots and lots of clarifying, improving of flow, and strengthening of word choice.

As for the short stories, I am disappointed none have gotten out the door in the last month, and so I’ve fallen off my short-story-a-month pace.  I know, I’m whining when I probably shouldn’t be.  Maybe I’ll set the novel revisions aside for a day or two and polish off those short stories so they’re not hanging around mocking me.  But I don’t want to break the novel-editing groove…oh, the dilemma.

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2 Responses to At Work in the Novel House

  1. ericjbaker says:

    I say Go With the Creative Flow. If the novel is feeling good right now, the writing will be good and inspired. The short stories will turn out better when the passion is there for them.

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