Death and the Necessity of Back-ups

My computer decided to give up the ghost this weekend, so I’ve been relegated to a “loaner” until I get a replacement.  It had been teetering on the edge the last few weeks, and finally all attempts to resuscitate it failed; the tech-doctors called it on Monday morning.  Time of death 8:08 am.

Fortunately I keep back-ups of everything, so I didn’t lose anything (well almost nothing; I lost a new post I had written offline on Saturday, but that’s minor).  I learned a long time ago to always keep back-ups.  Always.  Without exception.  No ifs, ands, or buts.

While my postings here may have slowed down this week, I’m still getting my daily writing in (I’ve finished two short stories since Monday).  Writing just isn’t as convenient now, and this sure makes me appreciate my machine even more.  Until my new computer arrives—it shouldn’t be too long, I hope—I may only have time to pop in here occasionally and see what’s up.  So take the time you would have spent reading one of my post, and back-up your important files.  You never know when your computer might catch something lethal.

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Writer of speculative fiction
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