Am I an Inspiration Addict?

Last night I was sitting in a Barnes & Noble cafe editing a few stories and enjoying a tea and a relaxing mix of heavy metal music when I hit on an idea that made me sit up and whisper “What a cool idea,” which in a bookstore is the equivalent of shouting.  I dropped what I was working on (which fortunately wasn’t my hot tea at that moment) and quickly jotted down an outline for a new story.  The story needs to cook a longer in my head, but I’m almost ready to let it out, and I’m looking forward to a weekend of writing.  (Sorry, but I’m not going to share the idea here because it’s part of the big reveal at the story’s climax—I’d rather let you read it when it’s finished and hopefully appearing in the pages of an awesome publication.)

I love those eureka moments when I have them.  They make the creative process that underlies writing an addictive drug, and one that I don’t want a 12-step program to kick.  They make the hard work that comes after the idea stage worth it.  I can’t wait to write this story, so I better get back to work on this beautiful Saturday morning….

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Writer of speculative fiction
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4 Responses to Am I an Inspiration Addict?

  1. Colum Paget says:

    I couldn’t find ‘Inpiration’ in the dictionary, so it must be some dangerous substance so vile that it’s existence is being concealed by the government. You should seek professional help immediately.

  2. I share your addiction.

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