Toasted Cake Wins Parsec Award for Best New Podcast

Toasted Cake recently produced a wonderful podcast of my story “Clownspace.”  I learned a couple of days ago that Toasted Cake was honored with a Parsec Award for best new podcast.  While I wasn’t overly familiar with the Parsec Awards (I’d heard of them, but not much beyond that), a little research shows that they are a big deal in the speculative fiction podcasting world.  To get one is a notable achievement, so congratulations to Tina Connelly, the voice and brains behind Toasted Cake.

As I mentioned previously, the podcast of “Clownspace” is the best one I’ve heard of one my stories.  It would be awesome to have Tina produce another of my stories, but I suspect with this recognition that it will be even harder to get another piece accepted.  While that may be bad for me, it’s good for the industry.  For those interest, Toasted Cake is currently open for submissions, so if you have a flash fiction story that’s a little quirky, send it Tina’s way.  If she takes it, I know you’ll be happy with the results.

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