Returning Home to Some Toasted Cake

I made it back from my Palmyra adventure in one piece.  I’m a little tanner and lot tired, but it was a good trip.  I got a lot of science done, but equally important, I got a lot writing accomplished, too.  I guess that’s one of the advantages of not having much else to do on an isolated, tropical island.

While catching up on my email yesterday, I came across a message from Tina Connelly at Toasted Cake notifying me that the podcast of my story Clownspace was now available.  What a pleasant surprise! 

Clownspace is one of my favorite stories, primarily because it was so much fun to write.  Tina does an awesome job reading it, too.  I think it’s the best podcast of any of my stories, so pop over to Toasted Cake and check it out.  I also recommend the other stories at Toasted Cake—Tina is an excellent reader with a delightfully droll voice and wonderful sense of humor.  She also happens to pick fantastic material by some of speculative fiction’s best writers, including the likes of Ken Liu, Rachel Swirsky, and Kathleen Sparrow (to name only a few).

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