Inspiration: “No Better Yesterday for Tomorrow”

I call “No Better Yesterday for Tomorrow” my story with the odd title.  Most people don’t get the title, but I if they think about some after reading the story, it should be obvious.  Then again, I came up with title, so of course it’s obvious to me.

“No Better Yesterday for Tomorrow” appeared in the May/June issue of Mystic Signals (which can be purchased from Amazon).  The inspiration for this story actually makes no sense now because the story underwent such extensive revision that it bears little resemble to the original draft—even the character names changed from first to the final draft! 

The original story was inspired by an article I read many years ago about people who were cryogenically freezing themselves with the hope that future technology would be able to bring them back to life.  After reading the article, I was immediately struck at the arrogance of this idea.  These cryonauts assumed people of the future would want to revive them, but what if the people of the future didn’t want us “Cro-magnons” in their society?

Of course if you’ve already read “No Better Yesterday for Tomorrow” you probably see little connection between the story and that inspiration.  That’s because the original story simply didn’t work, so I started tweaking things.  I changed the focal character from the “frozen” person to the person who finds a “frozen” person.  I changed the future from a utopia to a dystopia, and then began to layer on various complications: viruses, a machine-human war, the loss of a loved one, and an unhealthy dose of self-doubt.  The final change was the reason the person was “frozen,” but I won’t say more, because that’s the central mystery of the story.

If you haven’t read “No Better Yesterday for Tomorrow,” then head over the Amazon and buy a copy of Mystic Signals.  I hope you enjoy the story.

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Writer of speculative fiction
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