“Hoodoo” Ready for Reading

The long journey for my story “Hoodoo” is finally over.  It took nearly a year-and-half to go from acceptance to print (you can read some of that story here), but it’s finally available for reading in the debut issue of Specutopia (ebook versions can be bought at Amazon and Barnes & Noble).  I couldn’t be happier to see it in print.

While a year-and-half may not seem long by some publishing standards (e.g., novels), it is fairly long these days for a short story, at least based on my experience.  The longest I’ve waited for a story to go from acceptance to print was about 10 months, and that was for “Observations on a Clock” in Asimov’s Science Fiction, which is one of the “Big Three” print-only publications.

But enough of my griping.  This is supposed be a happy announcement, so I’ll end with a little “Hoodoo” teaser:

          Sam Gondo had never thought Luke Estes was a bright man, and this confirmed it.  Only an idiot would gawk at a Bindi weapon.  Not that the other xeno-geologists, statisticians and data techs were much better.  They lingered in a small knot at what they must have thought was a safe distance, obviously unaware that a Bindi anti-personnel device had a kill radius of half a kilometer. 
          No accounting for advanced degrees.

So pick up your debut issue of Specutopia to find out what happens to Sam Gondo and what a hoodoo is.  When you’re done reading my story, make sure you check out the other stories.

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Writer of speculative fiction
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