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Time to Shift into High Gear

Tomorrow is the official start of National Novel Writing Month—or NaNoWriMo for the initiated.  The participants will attempt to write 50,000 words in the month of November.  I’ll be participating for the fourth time (unofficially—I’m not big on actually signing up for things … Continue reading

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The Instellar Autobahn

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot about time, time travel, black holes, and traversable wormholes for the time travel story I’ve been working on.  While I’m not a physicist by any stretch of the imagination, I admit to finding it … Continue reading

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“Thief of Futures” Beams Up

This is a first for me…  Mr. Paul Cole at WRFR, community radio in Maine, emailed me about two weeks ago and asked if he could produce a podcast of “Thief of Futures” for his weekly radio show.  After talking with John … Continue reading

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Finding the Way in the Big Blue

Prior to my recent trip, I was working on a new story that just didn’t want to come together.  There was nothing specifically wrong with it; it just didn’t feel right.  I tried different things—I rewrote multiple sections, changed the ending … Continue reading

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Confessions of Writing Junkie

I haven’t had much opportunity to write this week—I was traveling for my day job and spending twelve hours a day on and under water.  At night, the struggle to put words on the screen lost out to my need … Continue reading

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Three Down, One to Go

In January of this year, I set the following four writing goals: Write and/or edit at least 500 words per day Finish the novel I started last year Finish at least ten short stories Make at least forty story submissions or four … Continue reading

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My First Reviews Are In

“Thief of Futures” was my first story to appear in a major speculative fiction publication, so I was expecting it to get a wide readership and garner a few reviews.  I’ve never had my work formally reviewed by total strangers before, … Continue reading

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Grooving to Symphonic Science

In general, the American public is woefully under-educated about science (see where you sit by taking the Pew Research Centers’ Science Knowledge Quiz).  While this is partially a failing of our schools, I’ve always thought scientists needed to find compelling ways to … Continue reading

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Must be the Season

Tracie McBride, our Hopefull Monster down under, has had a run of sales recently and commented that it “must be the season for acceptances”.  I guess she was right.  The day after she said that, I sold “The Last Horse” to Aoife’s … Continue reading

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“The Last Horse” Finds a Home

Aoife’s Kiss has accepted my story “The Last Horse” for the September 2012 print and online issue.  This one was a personal favorite, so I’m happy that it’s finally found a home.

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