Must be the Season

Tracie McBride, our Hopefull Monster down under, has had a run of sales recently and commented that it “must be the season for acceptances”.  I guess she was right.  The day after she said that, I sold “The Last Horse” to Aoife’s Kiss, and a day later, Colum Paget—Hopefull Monster and resident curmudgeon in jolly ol’ England—sold his story “The Taking of IOSA-2083” to Mutation Press’ Rocket Science anthology.  Add these to Tracie’s sale of “The Changing Tree” to Paisley Stitchington’s Speculative Buggle and “The Touch of the Taniwha” to Dagan Book’s Fish anthology and it’s shaping up to be a monstrously good season.

About D. Thomas Minton

Writer of speculative fiction
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