Three Down, One to Go

In January of this year, I set the following four writing goals:

  1. Write and/or edit at least 500 words per day
  2. Finish the novel I started last year
  3. Finish at least ten short stories
  4. Make at least forty story submissions or four sales

As I’ve been accomplishing these goals, I’ve been ticking them off with a Scribbles post.  I’m currently averaging 700 words a day.  I’ve finished thirteen short stories, and I have two more in the draft stage.  As of today, I’ve made fifty-four submissions this calendar year.  With the recent sale of “The Last Horse” to Aoife’s Kiss, I’ve met another of my goals.  “The Last Horse” was my fourth story sale of the year.  That leaves me with only one writing target left to reach this calendar year, and I currently plan to finish the first draft of my novel during NaNoWriMo (November). 

This year has already exceeded my expectations (which is a great thing!), and I still have over two months left.  I attribute this success to setting and meeting my writing goals.  I’m already thinking about rasing the bar for next year.  I’m confident I can do more, and hopefully I’ll see a concurrent increase in my sales.

About D. Thomas Minton

Writer of speculative fiction
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2 Responses to Three Down, One to Go

  1. David Guzman says:

    Wow! 700 words per day is no small feat. Congrats!

    Good luck to your writing efforts. Hopefully 2012 will result in additional goals being broken as well!



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