The official results for the second quarter of the Writers of the Future contest were posted today.  My entry earned a Semi-finalist nod. 

For those not familiar with the contest, Writers of the Future is the largest writing contest for amateur, speculative fiction writers.  While no official information on the number of entrants is provided, it’s widely believed that the contest received 1,000+ entries per quarter.  From these, eight Finalists are selected for judging by professional writers.  The stories that didn’t quite make it as Finalists are Semi-finalists, etc. down through Silver Honorable Mentions and then Honorable Mentions.  So my story was in the top 20 entries out of a 1,000+. 

That’s is a great finish, but I must admit I’m a little jaded.  This the second time I’ve earned a semi-finalist result, to go along with a non-winning Finalist and a Silver Honorable Mention.  While earning a Semi-finalist nod is a nice accomplishment, ultimately it’s still a rejection. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t enter anything into the current quarter.  I sold the story I intended to enter (“Thief of Futures”), and had nothing suitable to submit at the deadline.  Depending on the way things go with the other submissions I have making the rounds, I may not get another chance—I might disqualify myself before I have a chance to enter again.  That would actually be a good thing.

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