Mr. Ramey’s Monumental Undertaking

One of the most common complaints—maybe “laments” is a better word—of new writers is the lack of feedback from editors.  Stories often get rejected with form letters that contain no stated reason.  Personally, I don’t think it’s an editor’s job to give feedback on the stories they reject; they’ve got enough to do already.  In the few cases where I have gotten feedback from an editor, I’ve always appreciated it (and sometime even heeded it). 

This is why I find it particular interesting to read Steve V. Ramey’s blog.  Mr. Ramey is co-editor of ParsecInk’s “Triangulation: Last Contact Anthology”, and from December 2010 until June 2011,  he provided his editorial assessment for every story received for the anthology (all done anonymously).  That’s a monumental undertaking.  So while the text of the stories is not provided, it’s possible to see Mr. Ramey’s thought process as he sorts through hundreds of submissions, examining characters, pacing, conflict, speculative idea, etc.  For any writer, especially a new writer, it’s a must read.  I can’t thank Mr. Ramey enough for providing this perspective on writing that writers rarely get.

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