Tangent Recommends Two of My Stories for 2013

Every January Tangent releases its recommended reading list for the previous year.  Tangent is one of the two major science fiction review publications (the other is Locus), so a lot of people see its reviews and its recommendations.  Last year, my story “Dreams in Dust” made their 2012 recommended reading list, which was both a surprise and an honor, and writing first for me.  This year, two of my stories–“The Schrödinger War” and “Portraits from the Shadow“–made Tangent‘s recommended reading list for 2013, an even bigger surprise and honor.  “Portraits” picked up a two-star recommendation (they give 0-3 star recommendations, giving very few of the three-star variety).  Tangent‘s 2013 list includes 303 short stories (I’m nearly 1% of the list!), of which 113 received two- or three-stars.  If I haven’t been able to convince you to check out those two stories, Tangent now recommends you do, so you have no more excuses.

About D. Thomas Minton

Writer of speculative fiction
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