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Inspiration: “Mementos from My Lives (Un)Lived”

Sometimes I can’t clearly explain the origins of a story. The kernel of an idea just seems to come to me, like it was spontaneously generated from the ether. This isn’t the case for my story “Mementos from My Live … Continue reading

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Page Proofs and a Publication Date

Some publications have fast turnaround times, going from acceptance to print in an eyeblink. This tends to be the smaller and/or semi-pro publications, not the larger, pro-level magazines and certainly not the ones that are primarily print publications, like Asimov’s. … Continue reading

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This Story Sale is Special

I sold a story yesterday, but this sale is a bit more special to me than many of my others. It has nothing to do with the story per se—I’m proud of all my stories—it has to do with the … Continue reading

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