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For Writers, “The End” Are Beautiful Words

Writing a novel is hard, so it’s always a relief when I finish one. Earlier this week, I typed my two of my favorite words—THE END—on the first draft of the young adult book I am co-authoring with a good … Continue reading

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The Challenge of Putting Music into Words

One of my current works in progress is a young adult book about a group of teenagers in a band who need to use their musical prowess to stave off Armageddon. It’s sort of a Percy-Jackson-meets-King-Crimson story, where the plucky … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts on Collaboration

Writing tends to be a solitary endeavor. Most stories and books are written by a single person during which they conceive, develop, plot, write, and edit in a near vacuum. While many writers may open their work to others for … Continue reading

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