In Which I Find an Artist

I’ve mentioned several times that I’ve been working on a novella series that I intend to self-publish. It’s called the Calypto Cycle, and is part noir spy thriller, part superhero, and part mystery set in an alternate 1920s eastern Europe.  The first book in the series is written, revised, finalized and copy-edited (by the wonderful-to-work-with Nerine Dorman), with the next two books not too far behind the first.

One of my writing goals this year is to get book one out to the world.  To make that a reality, I still have several hurdles to clear before the book will be ready.  I need to format the manuscript so it will convert into the various ebook formats, and I have to get a cover that will be attractive enough to draw readers in.  Then need to figure out how to actually launch and sell it.

I could do this all on the cheap by making my own cover and formatting the text myself, but I can guarantee you it would look lousy. While I’m reasonably confident I can do the text formatting, I’m not an artist or someone with any talent at layout and design.  I want the book to look stunning, so I’ve decided to seek some professional help.

I’ve spent several months trolling various art sites looking for the right person to illustrate my story. It’s been a long process, but this week I finally secured the talents of artist Hans Binder Knott to produce an original piece of cover art for the book in my series.  Hans’ work caught my eye because he is exceptional character artist and makes great use of contrast, both of which I’m looking for in my cover art.  I have a general idea of what I want my cover to look like, but the specifics of the picture I’ve decided to leave to artist (that’s why I hired one!), and I hope that a collaborative process will yield a piece of art that a layout and design person can turn into a amazing cover.

I’m beyond excited to be working with such a talented artist, and I’m confident Hans will produce a piece of stunning artwork for the cover of book one. I’ll intend to post updates as we move through the process, and if all goes smoothly, I should have the final artwork in about four months.

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