“The Memory Plague” Is Here

I guess that might not be the best title for a post given the times, but believe it or not, my new story at Lightspeed Magazine was not inspired by COVID (I’ll have more on that in a later post).

“The Memory Plague,” my first short story in a long time is now available in the January 2021 issue of Lightspeed Magazine. This is the fourth story of mine to appear in Lightspeed, and while this might bias me a little toward it, Lightspeed Magazine is one of my favorite short stories publications.

This story has special meaning to me for a variety of reason. Several years ago, I took some time off from writing short stories to focus on my book series, The Calypto Cycle, but I decided in late 2019 to write more short fiction over the coming year. “The Memory Plague” was a short story that had been sitting my shelf for a loooong time because I had never been able to “get it right,” but after some tough revisions, I finished this unconventional, first-contact story, and was delighted when Lightspeed accepted it a few weeks later.

So please head over to Lightspeed Magazine and read it. While you’re there, be sure to check out the other science fiction stories by Anjali Sachdeva, An Owomoyela, and Greg van Eekhout. I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Lightspeed Magazine can be purchased through online retailers, or if you wait until January 21st, “The Memory Plague” will be available for free reading on their website. Also, if you prefer, I recently learned that my story will be recorded for their podcast. I believe the release date for hte audio version is also January 21st, but I will update as I learn more.

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