2015 Nebula Nominees for Best Novella and Novel

Last week, I posted the Nebula Award nominees in the novelette and short story categories, and I promised to follow up with a posting of the novel and novella nominees.  I had hoped to have these up earlier this week, but a looming deadline in the day job kept me busy (I barely found time to meet my daily word-count goal).  Here they are, as announced by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA):

Best Novel:

“XXX” • Raising Caine by Charles E. Gannon
“XXX” • The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin
“XXX” • Ancillary Mercy by Ann Leckie
“XXX” • The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu
“XXX” • Uproted by Naomi Novik
“XXX” • Barsk: The Elephants Graveyard by Lawrence M. Schoen
“XXX” • Updraft by Fran Wilde

Best Novella:

“XXX” • “Wings of Sorrow and Bone” by Beth Cato (Harper Voyager Impulse)
“XXX” • “The Bone Swans of Amandale” by C.S.E. Cooney (Bone Swans)
“XXX” • “The New Mother” by Eugene Fischer (Asimov’s)
“XXX” • “The Pauper Prince and the Eucalyptus Jinn” by Usman T. Malik (Tor.com)
“XXX” • “Binti” by Nnedi Okorafor (Tor.com)
“XXX” • “Water of Versailles” by Kelly Robson (Tor.com)

Hmm . . . the best novel category has a lot of the same names as last year (Novik, Schoen, and Wilde are new), which is a little disappointing, but I won’t hold it against the these authors or their books.  I’m sure they are all worthy publications.

Tor.com dominated the novella category this year.  For those not aware, they closed in January to unsolicited submissions, so I’m intrigued to see how this affects the publication (is this their last big hurrah?).  I suspect it won’t change much, as they admitted that while they bought some unsolicited manuscripts, much of what they published they obtained through other sources.  In their message announcing the closure, they even said that in recent years very few of their slots went to stories found in the slush, so while this is unfortunate news for those of us with no connections inside Tor.com, I suspect it won’t hurt their publication in the long run.

I’ll probably not read any of these stories in time to vote in these categories (I wish I had more time to read longer fiction), but I congratulate all of the nominees.  At some point in my life, I hope to have more time to catch up on the wonderful books I’ve missed.

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