[TAP] [TAP] [TAP] . . . Is this thing on?

microphone-933057_960_720 (cropped)Can anyone hear me?

Likely not, given the room has been empty for the better part of eight months.  I didn’t expect anyone to sit around waiting for someone to come back to the microphone.  I wouldn’t have.

Although looking at my visitation stats, a few people do occasionally pass through here of their own accord.  Maybe with a regularly scheduled show, they will linger a few seconds longer.  Catch a little of the action.  Stay a while.  Explore some of the dark and (currently) dusty corners of this old theater, and maybe even find a doorway to something they like.

How’s that for an intriguing metaphor.  Yeah, not so great.  But after eight months, I’m a little rusty.

I’m hoping to rectify that, however.  To shake off the rust by coming here more frequently and posting something that might be of interest to those who read and enjoy my fiction, and maybe even for those who have never heard my name or read my work.  [Shameless plug: visit my fiction page to see what I’ve written—there’s some good stuff there.]

So if you’ve been lurking in this dark theater the past eight months, or perhaps you have just stopped by for the first time, or maybe you’re wandering through here entirely by mistake, please pop your head in periodically and see what’s up.  I’ll be back soon to post some writing updates—things happen even in quiet months—”talk story” and generally get this place hopping again.

About D. Thomas Minton

Writer of speculative fiction
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4 Responses to [TAP] [TAP] [TAP] . . . Is this thing on?

  1. Colum Paget says:

    Dude, keep the noise down, some of us are trying to sleep in here.

  2. Kate says:

    It was a pleasure to see this post pop up in my RSS reader today. I’m looking forward to seeing what you write in the new year!

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