At the Top of the List

I have several stories available for reading at a site called Quarterreads.  I’ve posted previously about their new approach to distributing short stories.  Basically a reader pays US$0.25 to read any story from the extensive and ever growing library of short fiction.  It’s up to the reader to select and pay for what they want to read; there’s no editor acting as gate keeper (posted stories go through an approval process, but I believe it’s very modest), and “good” content theoretically rises to the top.  The site has developed a variety of search and recommendation aids to assist readers in finding stories they might like.  I find it all quite interesting.

I check my Quarterread’s author account periodically to see how my handful of stories are doing.  I was pleasantly surprised when I went there today and found this:


Yup, that’s my story sitting at the top of the science fiction list.  I also had a separate story (“Wheat Kings”) sitting at #12 on the fantasy list.  Pretty cool.

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Writer of speculative fiction
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