Page Proofs for the End of the World

I got my page proofs for Wastelands 2, an upcoming anthology that will contain a reprint of my story “Dreams in Dust.”  I’ve only gotten real honest-to-god page proofs a couple of times, but it’s always been exciting to receive them because  they are the first tangible evidence that my story will actually appear in a book.  A real book.  One that will be printed on real paper and be in real brick-and-mortar stores (as well as in the usual online places).

Wastelands 2 is a collection of post-apocalyptic fiction published since about 2000, and contains stories by a who’s-who list of speculative fiction authors, including several personal favorites such as David Brin, Paolo Bacigalupi, Genevieve Valentine, and Bruce Sterling.  You can find the complete table of contents here—by the way, I’m listed about halfway down, between Ms. Valentine and Nancy Kress!  It’s an honor to have a story in this anthology, and I’m looking forward to its release in February 2015.

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3 Responses to Page Proofs for the End of the World

  1. mobewan says:

    Love that your stories keep on working for you! That’s some fine company and that cover is to die for!

    • I’m psyched about the company in the anthology, too, and trying not to be too much of a fan boy (A professional sports coach used to tell his players when they scored to act like they’ve been there–great advice, IMO). Now if I can just get my best creation (aka, the daughter) to work a little more for me 🙂

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