Alive and Well

There’s a wonderful science fiction book by Bradley Denton called Buddy Holly is Alive and Well on Ganymede.  It came to mind when I was thinking about what to write in my first post in a very long time.  Some of you—well maybe one or two of you—might have been wondering what happened to me.  I sort of dropped off the face of the Earth without much warning a few months back.  Well, I am alive and well . . . even if I’m not on Ganymede.

My writing life went hold back in June as my non-writing life sort of exploded.  I wound up with the equivalent of two full-time jobs (more or less), traveling for both of those jobs, and a family emergency on top of it all.  Needless to say, that left little time and almost no motivation to do anything writerly, including but not limited to writing itself.  I missed it on occasion, but mostly I was just too busy to even think about it.

Just because a writer isn’t thinking about writing, doesn’t mean the writing world stops, however.  While I was offline, the Hugos were awarded, I made a sale or two, and I even became an international author—”Hello!” everyone in Galicia and Estonia.

But enough for now.  This post shakes off some of the rust, and I’ll be back around here again soon.

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4 Responses to Alive and Well

  1. ericjbaker says:

    I was wondering where you went. Deep deep undercover, one assumes.

  2. mobewan says:

    Can sympathise with the chaos that ‘real life’ brings to the writing life, but glad that you are back and that your words have still been working for you in the background with couple of sales. Looking forward to hearing what’s next.

    Welcome back!

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