“Thief of Futures” Goes Nordic

I haven’t had a great March I terms of writing, but I did manage another sale.  This one is a reprint sale (“Thief of Futures,” originally appearing in Lightspeed Magazine), but it’s still special for me because it’s to a Finnish magazine called Spin.  This will be the third language in which “Thief of Future” will appear—English and Galacian being the other two.  The editor expects my story will appear this year, although the exact issue (they publish quarterly) will depend on how long the translation takes to compete.

I don’t know much about Spin, but they are published by the oldest science fiction society in Finland (the Turku Science Fiction Society), and are among Finland’s premier science fiction magazines (it’s also Finland’s oldest science fiction magazine).  They only publish a few short stories a year, and even fewer translation, and those have gone to some well-known writers (Tobias Bucknell, for example), so it looks like my little tale will hobnob in some fine company.  I’m also really pleased that this story will get a new audience, and I’m excited to see what my words look like in Finnish.



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2 Responses to “Thief of Futures” Goes Nordic

  1. ericjbaker says:

    Pretty cool, man! They make good hockey players and speed metal in Finland (seriously, you wouldn’t think it was possible to capture ‘desolate winter’ with a Marshall stack and an overdrive pedal, but those Finns found a way). I’m willing to bet they do Sci-Fi as well.

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