Every Day Fiction Accepts “Wheat King”

For a variety of lame reasons (e.g., travel, the day job has gotten busy, been sick, etc.), I’ve fallen behind on writing things I want to post here.  The Nebula Award nominations came out this week and I’ve got my 2014 writing goals set, but those will have to wait, because I’d rather announce a sale.

Every Day Fiction has accepted my flash story “Wheat King.”  For those not familiar with EDF (as they’re often called), it’s a token market with a large, loyal readership.  When I looked at electronic publications last year, EDF ranked above several pro-rate markets in terms of visitation and other measureables, which is impressive and one of the reasons I decided to send something their way.  I thought what I might lose in terms of pay (but really, does sacrificing ~US$15 really matter these days?), would be worth it for lots more readers.  Fortunately they liked my somewhat sentimental flash story about a wheat farmer and his son.

EDF has a fast turn around time, too.  I just checked their table of contents for March and see my story has been slotted in for March 5th!  Holy dirt and bejeezus, that’s four days from now!  Good thing I didn’t wait a few days to post this or it would have been a publication and not a sale announcement.

While you eagerly wait for my story to go live, check out EDF.  As their name implies, they publish a piece of fiction everyday.

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Writer of speculative fiction
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1 Response to Every Day Fiction Accepts “Wheat King”

  1. mobewan says:

    You Sir, are on a roll! Been getting a bit frustrated with what dailysciencefiction,com had
    S been kicking out recently and sounds like EDF would be a worthwhile alternative. Hope you get back into the writing soon, stick in there.

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