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Schlock Interview: . . . Go

My interview with Schlock Magazine is now available, so if you’re inclined, you can find it here.  I got to talk about inspirations, the publishing landscape, and some of my upcoming projects.   I hope you enjoy it.

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Schlock Interview: Ready, Set . . .

Last month I did an interview with Schlock Magazine that was put into the queue to appear this January.  I got notified today that my interview will appear Saturday as part of their “Schlock Talks” series.  I had a good time … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Eaten By My Novella, But I’m Still Alive

I’ve been neglecting my site the past few days, so I thought I’d post a quick something to let people know I haven’t disappeared.  At the end of December, I started a novella I have been meaning to write for … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Bill of Rights

Many writers struggle with self-doubt.  I don’t know if this is a product of type of people who write, or if it’s the result of the subjective nature of measuring what’s “good writing” that leaves them crippled when trying to assess … Continue reading

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Tangent Recommends Two of My Stories for 2013

Every January Tangent releases its recommended reading list for the previous year.  Tangent is one of the two major science fiction review publications (the other is Locus), so a lot of people see its reviews and its recommendations.  Last year, … Continue reading

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Inspiration: “Forget the Rain”

My story “Forget the Rain” appeared this month at Kasma SF.  I wrote it shortly after joining the Codex writing group early in 2011.  Codex is a large community of predominantly new writers who share information about the publishing business and … Continue reading

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Are We All Middle-Aged White Guys?

There has always been the assumption that the stereotypical reader of science fiction is a fairly well to do, middle-aged, white man.  While this might be true to some extent (stereotypes are often rooted in some historical “truth,” real or … Continue reading

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A Good Way to Start the New Year

I received some good news on New Year’s eve.  My story “Forget the Rain” went live at Kasma SF yesterday, and it has a wonderful illustration by José Baetas.  Mr. Baetas did an amazing job capturing the power and majesty of the … Continue reading

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