“The Schrödinger War” Set for September

I’ve gotten word that Lightspeed Magazine has scheduled my story “The Schrödinger War” for the September 2013 issue.  I’m excited about this news because this is one of my favorite stories—it was incredibly hard to write, and took me over a year to finish.  I think the effort was worth it, too.

John Joseph Adams, editor at  Lightspeed, must have agreed because he’s asked to run “The Schrödinger War” as part of their “Lightspeed Presents” feature at the popular science fiction site, io9.  How can I turn that down?  Part of the gawker network, io9 receives more hits in a day than this site probably gets in a month.  That puts my story in front a lot of people—and I mean a lot of people.

About D. Thomas Minton

Writer of speculative fiction
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