National Flash Fiction Day

I bet you didn’t know it, but today is National Flash Fiction Day—in Britain at least, but who says a Yank can’t celebrate it, too?  It’s a day to celebrate flash fiction (also called short-short fiction and sudden fiction), which are stories clocking in at less than a 1,000 words.

It’s no secret I’m a fan of short fiction, and flash fiction is no exception, when it’s well done, that is.  I think it’s hard to write effective flash because every word needs to pull its weight and then some.  Good flash is moving and powerful, and it sticks with you longer than the five minutes it took to read it.  It’s poetry without being poetry.

So today, I’ve got a challenge for you (I like a good challenge): write a flash story before the clock strikes midnight.  It’s not more than 1,000 words, right?  You can do it.  I wrote one for last year’s National Flash Fiction Day, and I’m going to write one again this year.  I’ll even throw out a prompt to get you started: “That’s my story, officer, and I’m sticking with it.”  Use it if you like, and fell free to share your story in the comment section below (keep it clean, however, and remember if you post it here you’re likely giving away your first rights if you intend to try to sell it).

If you’re not up for writing a story, then read one instead.  Everyday Fiction publishes flash every day (duh), Daily Science Fiction generally has flash Monday through Thursday, and Flash Fiction Online publishes several incredible stories per month.

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4 Responses to National Flash Fiction Day

  1. Laura says:

    She’s an elusive comrade. I work hard to be with her, but her company is easy to find. She has my heart. I make my home where she dwells even though she steals my blood and bruises my body. But I continue to seek her company. She is wildly beautiful and she calms my soul. Her voice speaks meaning to my existence.

    I grab my board and go to her once again. She is furious today, throwing water violently at me. I paddle hard and my triceps burn. Her hand pushes me toward shore and I am flooded with exhilaration. As soon as I am up, I am down, swirling under the surface. Her palm grinds my body into the reef. I wrestle with her as she throws me around. She is thirsty for my blood as always. I fight my way back on top of my board. We reconcile and I go to meet her again.

    I see her over my shoulder. She is coming for me. I chase after her, paddling hard to escape her wrath. Her power surges beneath me. I rise up on to my board. My feet are unsteady, but her grip is firm. I lean into her grasp and feel her cool touch. I cascade down her glorious face and we finally find harmony. This is the top of the world.

  2. Laura says:

    See, it is fiction because I have never actually stood up while surfing… yet.

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